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In a controversial decision on June 21, 2022, the Hillsborough County School Board voted 5-1 to remove the Native American imagery from Chamberlain High School. The decision was made after protests from a small group of citizens with no connection to Chamberlain, its alumni, or students. As a result, the 2022-23 students were tasked with creating a new mascot for the school in the fall of 2022.

To ensure that the new mascot accurately reflected the student body's wishes, a survey was given to students in August and September 2022. Based on the survey results, seven potential mascot names were selected and put on a ballot. On October 5, 2022, the current student population gathered for an assembly and voted on a new mascot name. After careful consideration, the name "Storm" was chosen.

On October 18, 2022, the Hillsborough County School Board gave their final approval of the new name, officially retiring the Native American imagery from Chamberlain High School.

Student under Chiefs Head
Storm Logo
CHS Mascot Possibilities 10-5-22

On October 5-7, 2022, Chamberlain High School's current students were presented with three options for a new school mascot. The choices were selected from an alumni and student survey conducted in August of the same year. Notably, the option of the Chief mascot was not considered, even without any Native American imagery.


All current students were given the opportunity to vote for their preferred option, and the results were tallied over a three-day period from October 5-7, 2022. On Monday, October 10, 2022, the winning mascot was announced as "The Storm." This name will replace the previous Native American imagery and be used to represent Chamberlain High School going forward.

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What happened to the online survey and online petition?

Town Hall and Survey Info  from Sept 2021 -

Town Hall meetings were canceled and not rescheduled.  

The online survey results were never released.

TV Interview with protester

WFLA-NewsChannel 8 story

June 13, 2022

WTSP-Channel 10 story

June 15, 2022

Tampa Bay Times Article

June 16, 2022

Survey with circle and arrow
1962-11-09 page 8

Here is an article from an early school newspaper as to the Homecoming Tradition origins.

(Chieftain, Nov 9, 1962, page 8)

"Chiefs" name was chosen by the first students at Chamberlain in 1956. (Tampa Times, Sept 13, 1956, page 11)

Chief chosen as mascot The_Tampa_Times_1956_09_13_page_11 article
CHS picks mascot 9-15-1956 article

The Tampa Tribune

Tampa, Florida

13 Sept 1956  •  Page 24


30th Anniversary Special Edition


How Chief was chosen over Trojan article

The Tampa Tribune

Tampa, Florida

26 Oct 2007, Fri  •  Page 55

Chiefs look is carefully curated article
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