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Chamberlain Commencement Program Archive

CHS Graduation 2023 (1).JPG

For many years, Chamberlain High School hosted its graduations on campus, with a few exceptions. In 1981, the ceremony was moved to the Sun Dome at the University of South Florida, and later, all Hillsborough County graduations were relocated to the Florida State Fairgrounds. 

Digitizing this collection is a labor of love to help preserve the history of our school. There is a financial cost to maintaining this collection online, and any donation is helpful to deferring the monthly cost of online storage!  You can donate BY CLICKING HERE. Thank you!

Alumni, we need your help!

We are missing the following graduation commencement programs and would love to borrow yours to scan!

1961 1963 - 1965 - 1968 - 1969 - 1971 - 1981 - 1991

2002 to 2006

2011 - 2018

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