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Current and Ongoing Projects:

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Our dreamCatcher program initiative is setting Chamberlain Graduates on a wonderful path to prosperity! We are setting up students on one of three pathways -- college, military, or trades. With the help of community volunteers and your donations and volunteer time, students are being guided by:

College Counseling by Veritas College Counseling, who is working pro bono to guide students through the application process, FAFSA enrollment, HCC and USF tours as well as other guidance.

Military enrollment through Chamberlain's successful and respected ROTC program.

Trade school enrollment through Veritas College Counseling and trade jobs through Steve Cona III and ABC Florida Gulf Coast.

Our goal is to have every CHS graduate a successful contributor to our community...and we see it happening!!!!!!

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Dollar Bills

Check out our recent progress reports:

  • The Learning Lounge - The Learning Lounge is used by CHS athletes who are eligible for college athletic scholarships but don’t qualify academically, as well as other CHS students. They are able to retake courses through the Florida Virtual Academy to improve a low grade thus raising their core GPA to qualify for the scholarships. Many of these student’s don’t have access at home to computers or WiFi so we have helped create a space for them at Forest Hills United Methodist Church through some very generous donors who want to help change the trajectory of these student’s academic paths.


Chamberlain Champions Program -


Introducing Chamberlain as a exciting high school opportunity to feeder elementary and middle schools within the CHS District.


Annual Alumni Scholarships - Since 2003 Chamberlain Alumni have awarded scholarships to 23 deserving graduates, funded by the annual golf tournament.

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