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Every Chamberlain student has the opportunity graduate with $1,000 to use towards college, trade school or starting a business.

The Chamberlain High School Legacy Alliance is launching the “Millionaires Club” which is open to all CHS students.

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Take control of your life and join the Millionaires Club.

Graduate with $1,000.00


It’s easy to join. Here’s how…

  1. We will help you open a bank account at Achieva Credit Union.

  2. It costs $20.00 to join.

  3. Join the Millionaires Club by October 8, 2023 and the CHS Legacy Alliance will give you the $20.00 to join.

  4. Attend monthly meetings and learn the secrets of becoming a millionaire. We will add money to your account…$50.00 – Each semester you make the Principal’s Honor Roll and $250 – Upon graduation





Club Benefits


  • Live Financially Worry-Free: With an emergency fund you will never worry about unexpected expenses such as a car repair, flat tire, medical expenses.

  • College Expenses: Give yourself a $1,000 college scholarship.

  • Start a Business: Start a small business, create a product, or fund a creative project.

  • Travel or Gap Year Plans: Take a gap year or travel before continuing your education.

  • Support Your Family: Contribute financially to your family's needs while continuing your education.

  • Purchase a Car: Gain more independence.

  • Build Your Credit: Open a secured credit card or other financial instruments to establish credit.

  • Learn Financial Responsibility: Saving money teaches valuable financial skills, like budgeting, setting goals, and delaying gratification. These skills will be beneficial throughout your life.

  • Charitable Activities: Give back to your school or community.

  • Celebrate Your Graduation: Celebrate your graduation with a special event or party.

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